Fencing You In

Fencing You In - Cheyenne McCray Mild - BDSM

Very Alpha Male - almost to the point that I wanted to smack him upside the head. But he is hot anyway!

Tess is still somewhat mourning her dead husband but has been thinking of getting into the dating pool. Nobody seems perfect except for two guys, one is a sort of playboy and one is an unknown quantity to Tess (but not us!) Fortunately for Tess, the Playboy really isn't what he appears. Unfortunately for Tess and Gage the other guy, Harvey is WORSE than he first appears.

This is a quick read with a bit more sex that the other two book in this trilogy but this book has a lot more suspense and a lot more violence. It does have the requisite 'happily ever after' so while it isn't the most romantic book I've ever read, it doesn't fail in that one respect.