The Other Woman

The Other Woman - Brenda Novak 4.5 Stars -Book 7 in the Dundee Series

Liz has just come down from learning the most horrible thing about her husband that a woman could learn. He was a bigamist. Now she is trying to get back on with her life and to live one of her dreams. Her dream was to open a chocolate shop just like the one from the movie “Chocolat”.
Her well-meaning friends are trying to perk up her love life though, and have set her up with a very handsome but very withdrawn and cynical man. He is living his worst nightmare too, and he has not been trying to work through it.

Carter has decided that he is going to help Liz open her shop and also help her with a case of vandalism her shop has had. It sort of stands to reason that they will nearly immediately get the hots for each other. There will be the usual hamming and hawing, but in Ms Novaks very talented hands, it doesn’t feel like the same old, same old. She seems to always be able to make the trite and cliché feel fresh and new.

While this book was written a good any years ago, it still feels as if it were written only yesterday. This book has complicated and flawed, but very likeable characters. It has an interesting twist in the vandalism mystery and the needed hot scenes along with our ‘happily ever after’.

Overall it is an excellent quick read well worth your time and money and may even become a re-read for you as it will for me. I love this whole series and I plan on re-reading it from book one right on through to the last book in the very near future!