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I'm surprised that fans of this author haven't yet read and reviewed this short story. I loved it and it has given me a completely new way of how I usually sign up on new web sites! Gone are the days that I will simply click the "I agree to the "Rules and Regulations" without reading what the rules and regulations are.

While there are some grammatical and editing errors, none of it is enough to impede your reading experience, but the authors should fix them. This is only 26 pages long.
What I found to be most interesting is this story is very reminiscent of early Stephen King/Richard Bachman and I found it to be a fantastic reading interlude! It was vividly written, with clearly written characters and even though you are only in this world for such a short time it was descriptive and well defined and didn't require a ton of pulling yourself out of reality to believe what was going on.

A very pleasant way to scare yourself spitless when you have a half hour to spare!