Touch & Go

Touch & Go - Lisa Gardner Touch and Go by Lisa Gardner

“This is my family: Vanished without a trace…”

This is a thriller and a fascinating look at a family falling apart, as well as how a family copes when they are kidnapped, beaten and forced to face some hard truths.
This may not be part of a series but I think it might have helped had I read some of Ms Gardner’s earlier works since this book refers to earlier books. At this point, I loved this book so much I already have Tessa’s book "Love You More" on my wish list!

The story was well written and the mystery was subtle enough so I don’t think you’ll be able to figure out what is going on too soon. The characters are well fleshed and believably written. The action may feel a little slow, since I don’t think this is an “action book” as some might, and that caused no discomfort for me as I was reading. Sometimes the story was a little slow, but this slowness was necessary. There are a myriad of characters and that may make it difficult at times to follow along.

A family is kidnapped, beaten and held; not quit hostage at first but with that as a threat. We meet a wealthy father who is important in the large project building trades, a lovely mother who is a jewelry designer and a sweet, pretty and smart teenager that never causes her parents a moment’s despair. And each one holds within a dirty little secret. Some secrets are more deadly than others are though.

I love the fact that for me, the mystery of who was who and what was what was so subtle that I didn’t catch on until I was nearly finished with the book. I really loved this book to the point that I must read some others of hers to see if this had been a lucky chance or not.