Stranger in Town

Stranger in Town - Brenda Novak A Stranger in Town by Brenda Novak
This is a perfect read for the football widows out there this Super Bowl weekend!
Have you ever done something incredibly stupid while you were driving and not gotten caught doing it? Some action that if you did it, might cause you to injure of cripple someone in an accident? Well that is exactly what happened to Hannah. Her ex-husband has taken her children and he is only a few minutes ahead of her. Perhaps she could catch up to him – if only she wasn’t behind this person driving on this treacherous road so slowly. As she starts passing this person on a blind curve in a blinding snowstorm, quarterback Gabe Hollbrook is driving in the other direction, about to round that blind curve.

How Ms Novak managed to pull wonderful love story out of this plot line is beyond me, but she did. I think it was her best book I have read yet. The characters are rich in depth. The story is interesting and the fact that our hero is in a wheelchair made this book such a challenge to read without continual sobbing on my part.

The idea of Gabe becoming her son’s football coach was ironic at times but to me was a wonderful plot device. Wondering if they would ever learn forgiveness, of themselves and of each other…although I have to admit I thought that Gabe forgave a little more easily than I may have.

I so fell in love with this couple that I want to know more about them…and I don’t say that about too many of these romance novels. These novels tend to be a quick read and not books that I usually spend time pondering, but this one I did.