The Eldritch Conspiracy

The Eldritch Conspiracy - Cat Adams The Eldritch Conspiracy by Cat Adams

Do NOT attempt to jump into this series with this book. You really must read the whole series to understand what is going on. In fact, I’m very sorry I didn’t re-read the last novel “The Isis Collar” because I had a major problem catching up and remembering enough for me to jump into this book and to understand the first chapter or two. I thought I had missed a prologue or something!

So Celia has managed to pass one more year as a siren Princess/Semi-Vampire and it seems to me that instead of getting easier, it is becoming more difficult for Celia to keep her ‘bat’ tendencies under control.

This time out Celia has been asked to serve a dual role as her cousin Adriana’s bodyguard/bridesmaid. It is a bit difficult for me to see Celia in such a girlie role, but the Adam’s writing team makes it work, to a point It is nice to see Celia mesh these roles – that of kick-butt heroine and girlie girl..

I’m having difficulty also with the multiple plots going on, how the writing team introduces an important character and then never references them again until you are wondering if you misread something – then all of a sudden they pop in at an opportune/inopportune moment - a plot device that I find especially annoying.

Still this novel was written with the usual complicated characters and a mystery that isn’t all too difficult to figure out, and enough action to keep you action/adventure readers interested and this book has enough girlie moments to keep chick fic readers happy too.