When Summer Comes

When Summer Comes - Brenda Novak When Summer Comes by Brenda Novak

This was a wonderful and gloriously romantic book and one that I would have expected to have me to be in tears for most of it due to the subject matter. However, Ms Novaks has a way of taking what could/should be heart wrenching and blending it in with her characters to create the perfect recipe of tears and laughter. In this latest of the Whiskey Creek novels, we meet Callie Vanetta. She is the glorious bombshell blond who owns the photography store downtown. She is blond, blue eyed and stacked. She is also dying from a rare liver disease and if she does not receive a transplant, she will die in a few weeks.
One night her dogs barking, growls and a knocking at her door awaken her. After a lot of back and forth Callie decides to help Levi McCloud who has attacked and badly been bitten badly by dogs. He is a vagrant, a drifter with a difficult past. Levi trades his labor for Callie’s help and shelter. Levi is not telling Callie the entire truth about himself, but then – but then, neither is Callie.

Determined to go through the possible end of her life with the least amount of fuss for her friends she tries to do it all by herself. Somehow, that plan seems to get screwed up when Callie finds herself caring more than she most likely should, about Levi.
Ain’t love grand?!?

----------------------SPOILER<------------------------------ <br/>
And yes even though Ms Novak makes us wait until the last very second, we DO get a ‘happily ever after’ no matter what it feels like when you are reading this book. I couldn’t believe that I was at more than 90 something percent and things still hadn’t been resolved the whole way.