Kindling the Moon

Kindling the Moon - Jenn Bennett 4.5 stars

Kindling the Moon

My best friend bought me this book. She had just finished the whole series to date and thought I would love it as much as she did. As I was reading the first couple of chapters, I wondered just what she saw in this novel. It seemed to me to be the same old same old. The usual kick-butt type of heroine; one that had done something or had something done to her that made us want/need to sympathize with her. The misunderstood type, you know what I mean?

But, as I read more of this book, nearly forcing myself to go on, I started to get intrigued. This was NOT the same old, same old speculative fiction novel…this was something more. Something with much finer drawn characters, a much more interesting plot line than the last few books in this genre that I have read. A surprising ending finishes this book off nicely and we even have a sort of plot point left kind of hanging so that we can look forward to the explanation of it in the next book.

Written in the first person point of view, you are spared the angst and continuous inner-dialogue from two people that we usually see in this type of novel. Luckily, the protagonist Cady (Arcadia) is not as filled with the self-recriminations that we so often find in novels like this. Oh, she has some and she should but she isn’t overly filled with the self-loathing we find so much these days in non-romance type books.

Strong and very likeable main characters make this book a pleasure to read, while the evil characters are written in a way that you truly get that slimy feeling from them.

All in all a truly good opening book in a new series you just may need to struggle a bit to get through the first couple of chapters.