Vlad to the Bone

Vlad to the Bone - Beth Orsoff This book wasn't wonderful but it was by no means a horrible read. And while I agree that you may want to read the first novel before this one...it really isn't necessary. Ms Orsoff does a great job of adding enough back-story so that you know what is going on at all times.

I have re-read the first book Vlad All Over and still feel it was a good book, worth the time it takes to read. I loved the concept of Gothic Chick-Lit. And even though you just want to knock these two peoples heads together, I understand the betrayal that Gwen feels. So I decided that I really wanted to read the second book to see how things ended, and how it was going to go with Gwen's lawsuit.

Unfortunately this book, while interesting at first because Gwen ends up in another relationship at the beginning - just frustrated the heck out of me as I read further. Alex is a manipulator with a passive aggressive streak, and Gwen, well she just defies explanation. She was always giving in to Alex's manipulations and ALWAYS making Alex pay for his first betrayal...ALWAYS!

The most interesting parts - the bits about Vlad Tepes and Gwen's claim to be an heir, were given short shrift in this novel.

I feel that these two books could have and should have been combined into one long novel.