Daddy Love

Daddy Love - Joyce Carol Oates In my opinion books needs to do at least one thing – entertain you, make you think, make you laugh, teach you something, take you out of your life for a few hours – in the end it should give you a feeling of satisfaction. This book just made me feel like I needed a shower - from the inside out.

Robbie has been taken from a parking lot by a very, very bad man. You will soon find out in no uncertain terms just EXACTLY how bad this man is. Many years are going to pass in which this bad man has our Robbie/Gideon, brainwashed Robbie/Gideon, and abused Robbie/Gideon.

Meanwhile Mom’s life is falling apart, yet we never really get the story from her. We just get bits and pieces of what it must be like in her shoes.

Child abduction/sexual abuse is an important subject matter, don’t get me wrong – but the way Ms Oates handled it left me quite uncomfortable. Perhaps that is the good thing about this novel. Perhaps one shouldn’t be able to read about a subject like this without some trauma to the reader.

You view the meat of this book mostly from Daddy Love’s perspective and it is a ‘dirty’ view, so be prepared. When you hear from the mother – especially the first section of the book –you may just get annoyed at the repetition of it all. You KNOW that everything is important to the reader but do you really need things repeated 3 or 4 times on a page or two?

This is thankfully a very fast read coming in at about 250 pages or so – but while reading it, you might feel, as I did, that you have been reading for eons.

I have ever read anything by this author before, but I have always heard what a wonderful writer Ms Oates is. An after reading this book, I must agree. Ms Oates has a way with words. Unfortunately, for me this may not have been the best book for me with which to start reading this author.

This is one of the most uncomfortable subjects I have ever read about, but since it is an important one, I felt like I could trust Ms Oates to get me through it with my sanity intact. Ms Oates writing style with this book manages to drag you into the story kicking and screaming. You just know you have to finish the book, if only to see just how everything resolves.