What Happens in Scotland

What Happens in Scotland - Jennifer McQuiston What Happens in Scotland by Jennifer McQuiston
This is Ms McQuiston’s debut novel and sometimes it shows. This book actually reads a bit like two novellas melded together instead of one whole book. There are so many characters to start with and they are all so confusing. And the points of view are constantly changing which makes it a bit difficult to stay engrossed in this story.

However, there is a very good reason for that…you see Lady Georgette has just come off of mourning and without remembering how it happened, she wakes up one morning next to a naked man, a naked man with a beard, a naked Scotsman! Apparently, she had gotten very drunk last night and cannot remember a single thing of what happened.

Now she has run from the naked man, after cracking him over the head with a chamber pot mind you and every one she meets seems to be in on what happened to her, but she is too scared and ashamed to ask what happened. Of course, she is imagining the worst had happened.

About halfway through the book Georgette and James finally meet up and it is still a comedy of errors, and if anything, it is even worse. Since neither of them remember the whole of what had happened.

The characters James and Georgette are at times very strong ones, and at other times, they are both lacking in backbone. Sometimes to the point that you might like to slap them upside the head or shake some sense into them. Secondary characters that seem to be important one minute, somehow disappear and we don’t hear from them again There is very little back story and what is there comes to us in dribs and drabs.

Much of the beginning of the story is told within the characters own head and I am not very fond of that tactic from an author. The secondary story line was an important one and I felt that it should have been explored in more detail and given a little more importance.

This was a very cute comedy of errors and quite a light read, but I do not think it is one I will be taking the time to re-read. I believe that the next book will be better than this one so I will be checking it out.
*ARC Supplied by publisher*