And The Miss Ran Away With The Rake

And The Miss Ran Away With The Rake - Elizabeth Boyle What sounded like a pleasant light read for me, was really nothing like I thought.

This is the second book in this series and unfortunately based on this book I most likely will not be reading the first one. But that is just how I feel about this type of book personally.

Miss Dale is taken in by a jest, an advertisement the "Mr. Dishforth" did not place, looking for a sensible woman with which he may share dialogue with marriage possibly. Nothing like both characters starting of a relationship, even if it is only by pen - with a huge lie. But then again, if not for the lie there would be no book!

Of course neither of these people knew that they were corresponding with their respective hated enemies. Someone with whom their families will never forgive them for if they form the least little tendre for.families have been feuding with.

This sounded like a good premiss, but I found the characters to be a bit insipid and with straight and very stiff sticks up tier bums, the mystery to be silly,and the oh so correct language of the day to be a little bit much.
*ARC supplied by publisher*