Improper English

Improper English - Katie MacAlister Improper English – Katie MacAlister

This is a re-print of an older Katie Mac book, and one that I had hoped would get better with age. It did and it didn’t. I will say that this book does have a lot of off-the-wall humor in it which makes up for the lack of likability of the protagonist Alix. I can see that Ms MacAlister wrote this so we would NOT like Alix and to show us how Alix could grow at the end of the book, but it was nearly too little too late. Had I not read this book years ago and knew that Alix was going to see the error of her ways, I may have just flung it against the wall and quit while I was ahead.

Alix is in London to do one last thing before she has to go back home and take care of her elderly Grandmothers physical needs. She is going to write a book. A romance novel to be precises. Now mind you Alix has never written a book before and really has no clue to go about it. Each chapter of “Improper English” starts with an excerpt from Alixs’ latest attempt at writing. Some of this is knee-slappingly funny and some of it is simply annoying to the reader.

While writing her epic tome, Alix meets all of the people staying in the housing where her mother has rented her a flat. One of these people is the very straight-laced, handsome, enigmatic Alex Black. He is a member of Scotland Yard Pornography/Pedophilia division.

Alix is soon infatuated with him and really want to jump his bones – Alex would prefer to have more of a relationship. This book spends most of its time showing the reader just how selfish, self-centered and down-right thoughtless and mean Alix can be, and the reader starts wondering just why the author would write any of her characters like this. Luckily, in the end, Alix learns a very valuable lesson and will finally get a Happily Ever After

I just hope that if you pick up this book you will see what is to come and not give up in the middle of the book.