One Fine Fireman

One Fine Fireman - Jennifer Bernard One Fine Fireman

As a prequel to the Bachelor Fireman series, this is an interesting little read. It is a tiny bit longer and more complicated than your normal prequel. Luckily, there are two other books out in this series so you can go right from this novella to the full-length novels.

This story is about Kirk “Thor” and the crush he has had on Maribel for what seems like forever. The only problem is that Maribel is shy AND engaged. Fortunately, her engagement is to an absolute idiot.
Maribel has also been crushin’ on Kirk but since she has had bad luck with men and is ENGAGED she has not done anything about it…but she sure wants to.

Kirk has had skin cancer and is preparing to move to Alaska for his health and well being and the one thing he is going to miss is Maribel a budding artist with a son. But soon events involving Maribel’s son, a stray dog and an arson fire will conspire to unite these two ships that keep passing in the night.

The characters are fairly well drawn, the action is there, but for some reason the sexual innuendo seems forced and the actually sex scenes while lovely are not totally smoking.

A worthy read but not an absolute must to keep up with the series. I fine short diversion for a couple of hours on a boring day.