The Marriage Mistake

The Marriage Mistake - Jennifer Probst The Marriage Mistake by Jennifer Probst
This is a light quick read and even though it is part of a trilogy, there really is no need to read these books in order. It may make things a tiny bit easier on you but it isn’t necessary. It was also nice to see Carina grow a bit and mellow in her role of emotional tornado!.

The story itself is interesting. Max is a family friend and Carina has been in love with him nearly forever. Now Carina is in NYC to work with Max in the family’s business. She feels that she should deny her strong sexual feelings, but we can quickly see that isn’t going to work for her.

The book is filled with a lot of give and take, well actually mostly give on Carina’s part since she is the one that wants to have a one-night stand with Max and not get married. Max feels like he owes Carina a long-term relationship, which he feels he is incapable to offer.

Until one night when they both finally give in to the forces pulling at them and get caught at it. Now, they must get married no matter what they feel for each other. And it ain’t very pretty!
For a trilogy that started out so fantastically, I was sorry to see the third book didn’t quit live up to my expectations. I appreciate an author writing about someone bouncing back from a relationship or non-relationship, and I understand that Carina just didn’t want to deal with just how much she loved Max, but after a while it sometimes went beyond the normal ‘obvious’ and into the realm of ridiculous.

I adored the other two books and this book doesn’t have huge problems, It just wasn’t perfect for me.