Fury of Seduction

Fury of Seduction - Coreene Callahan Fury of Seduction (Dragonfury Series #3)

If you like the style of the works of J. R. Ward, then you might love much of this book. If you liked the first two novels of this series, then you will most likely find this an engaging read. "Fury of Seduction" is written so closely to J R. Ward's STYLE that I almost immediately disliked this novel from the start. Had I know of the similarities I would have not chosen to read this novel. The Dragons speak with the same sort of slang that are in the `other' series, the men are just as dark and broody as the `other' series, the women are as different as the other series and the fact that there is one paragraph of dialogue to 3 pages of inner-dialoguing and angst is just down-right annoying.

However, I stuck it out and while it could have been a good novel and even one that I was able to read as a stand-alone, it did not flow as well as it could have, the plot is annoyingly stereotypical of so many speculative fiction novels. There are 2 different factions of dragons - good guys and bad-guys, the total annihilation of the human race is at stake (although I do have to admit I could almost agree with the author about WHY the humans need to be eliminated!). There was way more to this novel than romance, the romance actually seems to take back-seat to the rest of the plot(s) and this is another problem - there are too many sub-plots going on. This is an issue with JR Ward's novels lately also; this book was less a romance NOVEL than a series of short to medium length stories.