Stolen - Shiloh Walker Stolen by Shiloh Walker

This could have been classified as a ‘horror’ novel - the heck with trying to classify it as romantic/ suspense. As a matter of fact this book takes what are the normal rules for a romance and pretty much throws them all out the window. This book is written in a manner that very much reminded me of a Nora Roberts novel and I couldn’t seem to get by this similarity, “Angels Falls”.

While this was a good novel and its idea should have been great; I found that I wasn’t as enthralled with it as much as I should have been. Stolen is a novel that bases most of its plot on someone taking over the female protagonist’s identity and alienating Shay (the protagonist) from anyone else in her life. It also serves to dredge up for Shay all the most horrible aspects of her youth; and believe me me they are freakishly horrible aspects. It may have been better for us if the author didn’t just sort of slide over Shay’s past and pulled this novel into the full ‘horror’ genre instead of this half-way book. This novel also shows just what a big influence that things like FaceBook and Twitter has over much of our lives.

There was too little interaction between real characters and too much inner –dialoguing, angst, recriminations and beating ones-self up over events that they could not and never will be able to, have changed.

I can easily see how this novel is going to appeal to all kinds of readers.