Housewife For Rent

Housewife For Rent - Michele Bardsley Housewife for Rent – Michele Bardsley

The little town with the big heart.
This was a very sweet book and I mean that in a good way! It seems to have been written in the style of a Harlequin numbered Romance. How this couple meets was a hoot and the idea of Mira’s daughter setting up blind dates for her mother was quite sweet…weird, but sweet.

This is a case of the road to hell being paved with good intentions. What started out as a good deed by Nick to keep a very determined suitor away from Mira, the ‘deed’ soon becomes the talk of this very small town. Nick, when finding Mira in an uncomfortable situation declares himself Mira’s fiancé, a fake one of course. Soon a nosy neighbor hears this and the town quickly decides they must throw the happy couple a sort of surprise wedding…with TV coverage no less.

Naturally although Mira falls for Nick and he for her, there still seems to be many stumbling blocks in the way of their happily ever after.

Interesting and as I said, cute story, engaging and well written main characters, some hot ‘romancing’ , and quirky and sweet secondary and tertiary characters too! There are some issues with believability during one or two situations, but nothing too major.

I think I will pick up the rest of the books in this series. I can always use some comedic sweetness in my life!