Dangerous Highlander

Dangerous Highlander - Donna Grant

Dangerous Highlander: A Dark Sword Novel
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Excuse Me?

This review is from: Dangerous Highlander: A Dark Sword Novel (Kindle Edition)
After finishing one of Ms. Grants other trilogies which spoke of the MacLeod brothers, I decided I must read about these guys. I should have paid more attention to the reviews.

This book starts in 1603 in the West Highlands of Scotland and Cara is out picking mushrooms. And thinking of the deserted castle which belonged to the MacLeods. Cara is scaring herself witless and then I read (and I quote) ---> "Her mind wandered, as it often did, while she plucked the shrooms from the ground."

Now, I am NOT an expert when it comes to languages, but a simple check with the dictionary on my Kindle tells me the word 'shroom' came into usage in the 1970's and is a mushroom with hallucinogenic properties...do I really need to say more?
With a publishing house like Macmillan behind this novel you would think things like this and other mistakes wouldn't have gotten through, but alas that is not so.

Please, please get some editing and Beta readers that know what they are doing. Ms. Grant writes very well so this amazed me and I WON'T be finishing this book.