Night's Awakening

Night's Awakening - Donna Grant This series seems to really get better and more interesting as it goes on. This may only be novella length, but Ms. Grant manages to pack a lot into a few pages.

When Elena Griffin, a gem expert; gets hurt will caving on private property, she is found and rescued by Guy. Unbeknownst to her he is King of the Red dragons. Soon sparks are flying and secrets are being spilled. After all Guy is an immortal dragon and Elena only human. But love finds them. Now the King of the Kings, Constantine realizes that someone else knows about them, and Elena will be asked to help them.

Remember that this is a novella and only comes in at 107 pages, but even with only that amount of pages there is a lot of action packed in and hot sexy hi-jinks going on. There si good character and plot building and the author didn't make the mistake with this novella that she did with the last one. She did NOT become overly-repetitious with her back story. There is only enough back-story to freshen your memory or to make it simple if you start with this book first instead of Dark Craving which is the first in this trilogy.

Frankly I'm a bit miffed that this will only be a trilogy, I do so want to know what happens to all the dragons, especially Constantine. I do hope the author will pick up this series and put the rest into full length novels.