The Lover

The Lover - Robin Schone This is a fabulous book for all of us out there who may think for one reason or another, that we may never find love or be deserving of love.

Anne Aimes is a 36 year old spinster; this is the Victorian era remember, and does the unthinkable one night. After thinking long and hard Anne takes part of her inheritance and buys a month with Michel des Anges who is famous for his pleasuring skills. Anne wants to know pleasure before she dies, she wants to be held, loved and made to see the stars. 5 years ago Michel was injured severely in a fire and he has not plied his trade, but right now he too wants to be held and cared about even if it is for money. He wants to be called Micheal in the throes of passion for once, not by his working man Michel.

Anne is quite open to learn everything Michel/Michael would be willing to teach her and she is open to giving Michel/Michael as much pleasure as she can too.

But during all of this there is a mysterious person just waiting in the wings to do more damage to Michel/Micheal, his lovers and friends.

This is a titillating erotica written in the Victorian style. Ms. Schone uses word instead of vulgarities to paint the erotic, exotic, mysterious story and it is totally satisfying.

If you are looking for explicit sex in your reading without a lot of romantic and deep introspection - then you may want to pass on this book.

One flaw with this book is Ms Schone can get a bit repetitive and it can grate on ones nerves after a while. Michael will ask a question and Anne will repeat it nearly word for word and vice versa.