Goldberg Variations

Goldberg Variations - Susan Isaacs

Annoying and Unpleasant, October 2, 2012

This review is from: Goldberg Variations (Kindle Edition)
Goldberg Variations by Susan Issacs

I really don't know what I can say about this book that hasn't been explained in the synopsis. Except that, this book is chock filled with unpleasant characters and I don't mean just Gloria the grandmother. I found the grandchildren childish and whiny. Granted, the grandkids didn't know what the weekend was going to be about and again granted they felt ignored by their grandmother all their lives. I just don't get them (the kids) feeling this much anger at something they never had so they couldn't miss it/her.

At any rate, this book had each chapter written in a different person's point of view, which was very disconcerting and at times annoying. The plot was thin, contrived and obvious right from the start. There is no story except that the Grandmother learns to be a better person by the end of the book. She manages to become this better person with a little discussion about religion with one of her Granddaughters. In a way I felt the book, coming from the Mother of Chick lit, as it were, put a little too much emphasis on Matt getting the company and didn't quite reflect on how either of the girls could have done with it.

I was fairly saddened at this book because it was just a, I guess character study, that didn't entertain me. Books should enlighten, entertain, elate or educate - this book did none of those things.