Forever Werewolf

Forever Werewolf - Michele Hauf I’m sorry to say that both of these books didn’t hit the right buttons for me. Especially the first book “Forever Werewolf”. This book seemed especially childish and that includes both the language and the characters themselves. The main characters gave the impression that they were in high school, the plot /mystery evil kingpin was easy to figure out and it was even easier to see where this story was going.

As far as “Moon Kissed went, I couldn't even finish it. The plot of what I was able to read was silly and the language was almost as childish as with the first book. The characters are cartoonish and over-blown. The book even started on a silly note that had me wanting to smack the “heroine” upside the head. In the beginning of the novel, the “hero” makes a lackluster attempt at trying to scare the heroine with his wickedness.

All in all I couldn't handle the cartoonish characters and the silly plots.