The New Deputy in Town

The New Deputy in Town - B.J. Daniels This is a book that relies more on quantity than quality. There are so many plots and sub-plots happening that you may forget what this book is actually supposed to be about. Mainly it is about why is Deputy Sheriff Nick Rogers, hiding out in this small town? And I do mean small -- somewhere in the vicinity of 50 people - why are men being attacked nearly every Saturday night, and why did someone poison a guest at an engagement party?

If you like somewhat logical plots like I do, stories that make sense (why would this town allow a Deputy Sheriff to be left alone in the town when he may have to run at any given moment leaving the town unprotected?), then I would say that this is not going to be the book for you. There is nearly no character development, the romance doesn't quite ring true nor is it passionate except in a rote way.

The solving of all the crime in this town is cut and dried and comes from out of the blue and you don't believe a word of it.