Bella Fortuna

Bella Fortuna - Rosanna Chiofalo Bella Fortuna – by Rosana Chiofolo

*ARC Supplied by Publisher*

This was one of the most romantic books I have read so far this year. It is not a novel that mistakes sex for romance …in fact, there is only one sexual scene and it is hot without being vulgar. This is a debut novel and I see that the author still has some seasoning she needs to do, but for a first –wow - I can’t wait to see what Ms Chiafalo will do for an encore!

This is a book of second chances, of close Italian –American families, of love, friendship and enemies. It is also a small peek into the bridal industry and the making of what should be the perfect gown. Set in the ethnic area of Astoria (Queens) New York, we follow a mother, Olivia, and daughter, Valentina, as they fall in love both the first time AND the second time. The story mostly concentrates around Valentina and her upcoming wedding to Michael.

I will not bore you with my synopsis since the perfect one has already been written. I will tell you that Ms Chiofolo has managed to capture that bustling area perfectly and has written some of the most complex and likable characters that I have read in a long time. She has also managed to capture the heartache that comes from losing the one you love to either death or deceit.

I love ‘happy endings’, and as romance readers, many of us are used to them and sometimes take them for granted. However in Ms Chiofolo’s novel I wasn’t positive I was going to get a happy ending and I didn’t even care. The story just captivated me and I would have went anywhere the author chose to take me without even a whimper.