Dead Is the New Black

Dead Is the New Black - Christine DeMaio-Rice If you love sewing, "The Devil Wears Prada" or just want to know how clothes are made from the ground up (and I really mean from the ground up)...then this may be your book. If you want to know what a pattern maker does, then you will most likely enjoy this book.
BUT if you are looking for a mystery that makes sense, then you may want to take a pass.

The mystery in this book takes second stage to all the folderol that goes on behind the scenes of a fashion show. It can be interesting to read what goes into the making of an outfit, but when I had to look up too may unknown words and phrases to follow along with the story (for instance, I needed to look up just what does a rabbit have to do with pattern-making)I just stared getting bored.

The time line behind this book makes no sense, the characters are annoying, dis-likable, biased and prejudiced. The mystery is mysterious only in that there are so many red herrings and other people doing dastardly deeds that you just can't keep your mind on the original murder.