The Great Escape

The Great Escape - Susan Elizabeth Phillips The Great Escape by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Normally I really enjoy Ms Phillips novels. Usually they are fairly light and fluffy, with something that will eventually pull on your emotional strings, perhaps make you weep a tiny bit just before the feel good “happily ever after” ending.

This book takes a totally different approach that the first books in this series-yes we still have the heroine who meets the hero under usually humiliating circumstances, so that at least is the norm in this book. We also have the hero doing something extremely stupid just as he realizes that he loves the heroine, so that too is working into the formula. However, I don’t believe I’ve ever read a book by Ms Phillips where the hero was so depressing or cruel. Nor can I remember a book Ms Phillips has done that actually concentrated on 4 characters so much, instead of just the two main ones. The last book I remember that had a slightly extended secondary character story was Match Me If You Can : A Novel

I am going to refrain from writing a synopsis since I don’t believe I could do it without using too many spoilers.
After you read the entire book you understand why he was that cruel, but it may be difficult for long time fans to try to get through most of this book. It is a slow and at times a very depressing read. I don’t like the ‘broody hero’ aspect. There is so much going on about what I assume is Ms Phillips favorite ‘cause’ that I caught myself rolling my eyes. I understand that this cause was started with the book “First Lady” and it was interesting then, but I think it was taken a bit too far in this book.
I read books to be entertained, to escape my real life that at time is depressing (like everyone in the world!) and this book did not have the moments of humor that I’ve come to expect with the author