Little Bitty Lies

Little Bitty Lies - Mary Kay Andrews 4.5 stars-"It Was the Summer From Hell"

Little Bitty Lies by Mary Kay Andrews

This sometimes confusing, sort of depressing, yet at the same time, funny and poignant novel is written by the mystery writer Kathy Trocheck aka Mary Kay Andrews. Moreover, it sure looks like the transition to a slightly different style of mystery combined with female literature seems to have been made successfully! I have not read any of the mystery series but if they are half as good as the writing in this novel, I should be pleased.

Yes, the writing was wonderful; the characters are fully fleshed out and believable. You will sometimes love and sympathize with Mary Bliss and Katherine and sometimes you want to smack them silly and hope that they end up in jail. Fortunately, while we only know of Parker, Mary Bliss’s sort of dearly departed husband, via her memories and his actions as told to us by the women and what they learn while snooping ---he is a cad, a rake a scoundrel and a major thief. He really isn’t a nice guy and death would be to easy for the likes of him.

Then again, Mary Bliss and Katharine are perpetuating a fraud…or are they?

There are so many characters that we could really hate, but Ms Andrews writes in such a talented way that even the most hateful of people are written so well that at times we can feel empathy for them. Well maybe except for Parker!
This is an excellent little novel about what is most important to us. And what another person can do to us to bring us to our knees if we let them. This story shows that even someone who thinks they can’t do something-really can with the right motivations and the love of good friends behind us.

This is small southern community at its best and it is a very satisfying read with a Happily-Ever-After, that I wasn’t sure was ever going to happen. I love books that keep you guessing!
Be aware there is a recipe for her fabulous chicken salad at the end of the Kindle edition!