Murder Most Maine

Murder Most Maine - Karen MacInerney If you are wondering if you can read this as a stand-alone or if you needed to read the first two books in the series first, there is no need to worry. the author does an excellent job of telling you in an easy manner just what you need to know to keep you up to speed.

This mystery has some elements of romance but they are quite gentle and of the most round-about kind. The most you will (so far) ever read about is some kissing. Ms MacInerney manages to stay with the mystery aspect and not branch too far into the romance realm.

In this book the characters are a lot less likable than some of the other books and I don't mean the nefarious characters. The main characters are exhibiting tendencies that left me with little empathy for them. the use of two separate mysteries in this book, seems to have been a little too much for Ms MacInerney and I think that the book would have been better had she concentrated on only one plot line.

While this was a lovely cozy read, easy to figure out and lovely descriptions of the area, the relationships among the towns-people etc., the price of these novels in e-book is too steep for me to keep reading. I really hate being unable to read book two and four because of price.

Price aside---if I had my druthers I definitely would finish off the series and be hoping that the author will continue on with it. I think the only drawback to having more in the series would be that the population of the island is so small that too many more murders and it would be an empty island!