Dancing Naked in Dixie

Dancing Naked in Dixie - Lauren Clark 4.5 stars

I am amazed that I liked this book as much as I did. I did not find this a light read, something to be finished with in one night. I found this book something that I had to put a little effort into and I really liked that. This book is not fluffy drivel---it is several stories in one and has an ending that I think I should have seen coming, but still didn't expect.

We open with our heroine Julia needing to meet with the new owner of the travel magazine that she works for, who also happens to be her estranged father. She is threatened with unemployment by her father David unless she does a good job on a new feature David wants to introduce in the magazine.

So off Julia goes to either redeem herself or to totally screw up. But really, instead of this being a book that concentrates on traveling and the best sights to see in Eufaula Alabama - it turns into more of a mystery, not a murder mystery...but almost! It is about a small town and the man who loves the town and all it represents, the man who would save a town no matter what. It is a story about adult children learning that their parents aren't always what or who they thought they are.

And most importantly it is a story of love. Love of a culture, a place and of a man and a woman.

This was an emotion filled book with many funny moments. The author uses vivid but never trite descriptions of the old South. The characters are written as to be both likable,yet with flaws. some of these flaws you may not think you can get past, but you can't help yourself. You may just find yourself doing as I did and falling in love with them all.

If I have any complaint it is that I wish that the love between Shug and Julia had been explored a bit more. Actually I am hoping that we will revisit Eufaula and find out how everyone is doing --this is a story that needs more telling!