Somebody Like You

Somebody Like You - Candis Terry This is the last book in the Sugar Shack Trilogy and it saves the straightest laced sibling for last. I suggest that you try to read the first two books to understand a little better, what you will encounter in this one. It is not imperative, but it will make things a little easier on you.

When Kelly Silverthorne comes back to Deer Lick for her brother’s wedding, and to recover from her first loss ever in the Prosecutors office and the first thing she encounters is the reminder that she went a little nuts on the champagne at her sisters wedding and bedded one of this towns many bad-boys. And liked it. A lot!
Naturally, Deputy James Harley is a good but flawed and hurt man who is learning from his past mistakes. As the storey unfolds, we learn how much the good Deputy is sacrificing for his family and how much Kelly is fretting over the case that she lost. We learn just how much they need to rest, relax and connect with someone who will be able to understand what their lives are all about.

This storey has fully fleshed characters, interesting narrative and excellent dialogue plus the added bonus of the Silverthorne’s deceased mama coming back from the dead to help them get their lives straight is an interesting twist.