Match Me If You Can

Match Me If You Can  - Susan Elizabeth Phillips 4.5 stars ---- Match Me If You Can –Susan Elizabeth Phillips

If I don't read an author constantly, I often forget just how good they write and this happened to me with Ms Phillips. However, the other day I decided to re-read this novel and it suddenly comes back to me just what a pleasure reading her books are.

You may wonder if you need to read some of these books in a certain order; especially since they do feature secondary and tertiary characters from past novels – I don’t believe you do. Ms Phillips doesn’t add anything confusing or too personal from the older books when she brings in the other characters for their cameo appearances. I DO strongly suggest that you do go and try some of the earlier books though, since they are all really wonderful.

With humor, sometimes it's subtle and sometimes overt, romance and wonderful characters, her books and especially this one will give you hours of pleasure. This book has very realistic and believable characters, ones that you know you would just love if they were in your real life. The main characters of Annabelle and Heath are wonderful in that they are so opposite and are always sparring, but by the end we can appreciate that oft times opposites attract and the relationship is all that much sweeter for it.

Annabelle has taken over a matchmaking service that her grandmother had started, and one of her first possible clients is Heath "The Python" Champion who also has a contract with one of Annabelle competitors. Annabelle is good for Heath since she is friends with someone whom he needs to get in good with, so he starts out pretty much using her. Moreover, if I may add, he really, really can be a snake! Sometimes he is so domineering that I wondered just how it could be that I liked him, but like him, I did.

I don’t think I really need to sum up the story because this is a romance and we know it will follow the prescribed pattern…they don’t like each other, they do like each other, they get hot for each other, the guy does something stupid but they end up with their ‘happily ever after’ despite the odds. Ms Phillips just happens to make the ride that is following the rules fun and fresh.

There is a secondary story that follows Annabelle’s competitor Portia, and Heaths best friend and assistant Bodie which, while it is sexy to the extreme, was a little ‘out there’ for Ms Phillips usual style.

This was a fun, light, humorous, sexy piece of fiction that is sure to be a hit with both old-time fans and new ones too.