Once Upon A List

Once Upon A List - Robin  Gold Once Upon a List by Robin Gold

*ARC supplied by Publisher for Review purposes*

I was surprised to find that I loved this book. Why? Because I don’t usually like such emotion filled novels. I’m a selfish reader and I loved being entertained, I don’t like living someone else’s horror and I thought that by reading a novel of a woman who lost the man she loved a few days before her wedding that I would be reading something really depressing. My mistake -- and thank goodness that I kept reading.
Yes this is an emotion filled novel, but it is also filled with humor, love, caring, strong family values and some surprises along the way. I think I may have found a new author I willneed to track for future publications.

Clara’s fiancé is killed in a car accident 9 days before their wedding. Sebastian was a remarkable man and one that many women would love to find in their lives. Well, Clara is not dealing very well with this loss.
She is emaciated, has tried every kind of therapy known to human kind and some that are even so farfetched that you have to laugh. It has gotten so bad that she is going to lose her job and has even tried to commit suicide.
Somehow, all this changes when she is on a visit to her mother’s house and comes upon a box with the time capsule she buried when she was ten and decides during a very poorly thought out kiss, to do the things (or most of them) on this list.

As the synopsis says ---with the love of her wacky and caring family, a clear goal and a very good friend from the past, things just may get better.

Robin Gold has created an almost touchable group of characters; my heart went out to Clara at the same time I wanted to shake her bit to get her out of her fog. This novel has terrific dialogue, vivid descriptions, clever plotting and a story you will probably just get lost in as I did.

It is a short novel at just slightly more than 200 pages and if you are like me and appreciate good writing, this will be something you finish quickly, but wish had lasted much longer.