Lyon's Bride

Lyon's Bride - Cathy Maxwell I can easily see that this is a trilogy and I can even understand that we won't know if the "curse" has been lifted until the last sibling has found love; but really. The at least could have been some sort of definitive HEA in THIS book.

This honestly has to be one of the slowest moving, mind-numbingly boring books I have ever read.

A curse has been cast over the Chattan family, and as you can expect they all vow never to fall in love since once they do, they soon die.

There are 3 siblings in this branch of the family and they feel it is up to them to kill off the name. So one has become a cold fish who looks into hiring a 'matchmaker' to find him someone who is also a cold fish, someone that he will never fall in love with. This would be the sibling that this particular book revolves around. Unfortunately for Neal his matchmaker is someone that he was falling in love with many years ago. Thea now has two sons and is cut from society because of marriage she engaged in long ago. The children are an interesting and humanizing touch.

The other brother has become an addict so that should make for a properly horrible story to read, and the remaining sibling is a female. I couldn't quite get a hold on her, but she seems quite odd to me. I do not look forward to reading her story either.

It was so difficult for me to lose myself in this story, I couldn't even begin to be able to put myself in any of their shoes. The dialogue was stilted and unbelievable for the most part, the narrative wasn't as smooth as I've come to expect from authors of this ilk. The premise of a cursed family is an old and trite one and I can only hope that the story will get more interesting with the next two books.