Deadlocked - Charlaine Harris Deadlocked: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel by Charlaine Harris

Sookie has finally grown up, and while it may only have been about 2 years for her, in real life it has been many years. We may not like the direction that Sookie has taken, we have seen her do some ugly things, her morals and ethics compromised, but we can finally see that she has taken off her rose tinted glasses and come to terms with and taken responsibility for, some of the ugliness in her world.

In this book, we see her come to terms with toxic relationships (both male and female) and while it may hurt us AND her, to get rid of some of the them, in the long run I’m hoping that the best man will win.

Eric, Bill and Sookie have to do something about the king who is visiting, Felipe de Castro and his entourage are trying to make trouble for Eric (it’s always Eric isn’t it?) but there is someone else in the picture causing much more problems for Eric and
Sookie. Actually, there are many people looking to not only break these two up, but to kill Sookie.

We also will see an end to the Fae in Sookies life and ‘our’ world and that was a bigger surprise than I expected.

We will see Sookie make a sort of unconscious decision on which man is most important in her life. And this will lead to somewhat of a cliff hanger.

I don’t feel that this book was slapped together or a cut and paste effort, I think it is a book that is difficult for us to digest because it is pulling all the threads of Sookies life together in anticipation of the last book. With so many plot lines to close and so many aspects of her life that have been left dangling and almost unexplained, I felt that this was a wonderful effort in bringing everything to an end.

What I can say, without ruining too much of the story is that I and whoever else was rooting for Sam MAY see things go their way. At least I can hope. I’ve always thought that he was the best man for Sookie and since she makes such a choice during a shocking and crucial moment, I hope that means that Sam will be the one. He is after all the only one that has never consciously hurt Sookie, either mentally OR physically!