The Lady is a Vamp

The Lady is a Vamp - Lynsay Sands
The Lady Is a Vamp – Lynsay Sands


This long running series could be getting stale and tired, but I found that with this book and the last one “Under a Vampire Moon” Ms Sands seems to be taking the series in several new directions. These directions are ones that I am whole-heartedly happy for. The last book was quite humorous as is a lot of Ms Sands novels. The “Lady is a Vamp” takes a bit more serious approach to what it means to be a vampire who falls in love with a mortal. It also delves into what a vampire can do for a mortal that is dying before her eyes.

Jeanne Louise Argeneau has been kidnapped---that is it may be kidnapping only until she realizes that the kidnapper may be her beloved life partner. This is the most pleasant kidnapping I have ever read about!

Paul Jones who has worked for the Argeneau Industries is in need of a vampire. That is, he is in need of a vampire to help his daughter who is dying of cancer.

Now the Hunters are after them, Jeanne Louise is trying to slowly get Paul into a position to fall in love with her and while they are running, they must keep Livvy (Olivia) Paul’s daughter, from sliding anymore into her cancer.

As I said this is a first for me with Ms Sands books. I don’t think I have ever read one that allows us to see anything but the best sides of being a vampire. However, Ms Sands pulls no punches with this book and I am quite glad she didn’t. I think I would have felt cheated if she tried to make anything less of a bad situation.

This book contained some quite steamy sex scenes. I think the more books she writes the steamier some of them get. That is a very good thing. However, just because it’s steamy doesn’t take away from the romance and desperation of this novel. And desperate Paul certainly was. I mean why else would he risk kidnapping a vampire and facing the Hunters if he wasn’t truly desperate? Nevertheless, out of this desperation comes a truly unique, romantic and deeply felt love story.

I hope you will enjoy this book as much as I did.