Baby, Drive South

Baby, Drive South - Stephanie Bond Shallow misogynist men, ditzy whining shallow women fill this novel with pain for the reader.

It was an interesting concept---take one town that was razed by a tornado 10 years ago, have three sexy, hunky brothers buy the defunct town and try to rebuild it,fill it with men to work, be miles from nowhere, and then import women from the NORTH (apparently northern women are desperate for men?)to 'keep the men company'.

If you've loved Ms Bonds other books as I have and are looking forward to the same interesting characters, entertaining plot lines and humor of her earlier works---then you may want to pass by this book.

I needed clarification on so many issues. I can read fiction and have no issues with suspending my disbelief for these books, but suspending it this mush even for a light romance was too much. I really had to force myself to finish this book.