Whole Lotta Trouble

Whole Lotta Trouble - Stephanie Bond If you do like I am doing and reading Ms Bonds books back to back, you'll start noticing certain similarities between her books. Normally I would be livid about that, but Ms Bonds manages to make just different enough so that we can still feel like we are reading something fresh and new. A lot of romance/mystery writers stick with a formula that works for them and that is alright by me, since I know I will love the book.

These books are more about the mystery and the women's friendships than they are about the romance and I am really liking this change. (at least for me it is a change)

Set in the world of publishing and the early world of e-books, this will make for an interesting read for anyone who...well...reads! Two friends and one woman who may or may not be a friend are all taken advantage of by an agent, they decide to scheme and find a way to publicly humiliate him. Except that the humiliation turns to murder and implicates these three women.

The book deals with eccentric authors, randy authors and authors who plagiarize. While I usually have a good idea of who dun-it and why by the time I get to 75% of the book...this time the ending was somewhat silly and totally unexpected, yet introduced a cleaver twist.

WE do get our HEA's for at least one and perhaps two of the women, The characters are likeable (at least the one's we are supposed to like) and the characters we should dislike, well Ms Bond does a very good job of that. The sex is a bit descriptive but no in the realm of erotica and if encounters make you uncomfortable then it will be easy to scan right by the one scene.

I loved the background of New York City in January and the narrative was wonderful. Ms Bond really writes 'real' characters, ones that you swear you know already and barring that ones that you would love to get to know and be friends with.

A fun, light mystery, with lots of action and with something for everyone.