Our Husband

Our Husband - Stephanie Bond I have read some of Ms Bonds "Body Movers" books and knew I had enjoyed those, but I was a little skeptical about reading this. Yet my gut instinct, and all the reviews (both for and against the book) said I should try it. Now I know I should always listen to my gut!

I see the the writer of the synopsis is comparing this book to "Waiting to Exhale" but I just don't see it one little bit.

This book was funny, mysterious, kept me guessing through the whole thing. The characters are likeable and well drawn if a tad trite (rich lady wife #1 = snobbish,witch, wife #2, doctor = caring compassionate, wife #3, youngest = pregnant, stripper, 'hill-billy' type) but the the authors blending of these women and their distinct personalities; how they had to come to terms with the bigamy and then the fact that he was stealing from them all worked so well in this story.

One thing that was a little confusing at first is that each chapter is written from one of the wives point of view. It may make it confusing to start, but I really warmed up to it since the reader gets to know just how each one was feeling about the situation and the others right at that moment and their story could never be colored by a different narrator/voice.

I am looking forward to picking up the rest of Ms Bonds books---especially since they are all priced so very well for the Kindle.