The Accidental Vampire

The Accidental Vampire  - Lynsay Sands 4.5 Stars

Lynsay Sands has one of the easiest to understand explanations of Vampirism or as the Argeneau's prefer, Immortals. Technology is a very cool thing to base your plot line on! I love it, and I really loved this story of an actual accidental vampire.

Elvi was changed on a trip to Mexico with her best friend and since it was the whole town of Port Henry that encouraged her to go they all feel guilty about her becoming a vamp. So they make arrangement's. Arrangements of all sorts, from finding her blood to finding her a boyfriend! Now Elvi doesn't know the first thing about being a vamp other than what she has seen in the movies and in books. So she doesn't eat, she sleeps in a coffin, avoids mirrors and dresses like Elvira!

Now that Elvi's townsmen have brought her to the attention of the counsel there is going to be a problems, so along comes Victor the Enforcer of the Immortals. He has to find out just how many laws Elvi has broken.

This was a great story since it is one of the lightest of this genre and it has a wonderful small secondary story of Mabel, Elvi's friend who is 62, who has caught the eye of what appears to be a much younger vamp. Out of all the books this one was so much of a pleasure to read since we don't have to go through all the angst we usually have when these life-mates get turned. The story was so breezy that it won't take long t all to read, but real fans won't want to miss this since I loved seeing such a hard-butt like Victor be taken down the garden path by such a wonderful and warm-hearted woman. There is good character growth for everyone involved, a pleasant and unexpected plot, a cute mystery and of course our happily ever after! What more could you ask for in a book of this type?