Sex, Lies and Contracts

Sex, Lies and Contracts - Jennifer Probst Combining the best of Lady Chatterley with the highly sexual and graphic erotica of this century, Ms Probst tells an intrgueing tale of sex, lies and exciting happily ever afters.

I have never read D H Lawrence's controversial book, but I did do enough research when I read this particular book to understand Ms Probst's theme. I don't know if I will ever read the classic,but I sure know that this story will knock your socks off.

This book tells the story of a man (Jack Woodward) being forced into a marriage to inherit a company. But, he wants marriage on his own terms; not with someone who wants him for his money, but with someone who wants him for just him. On the flip side of the coin, our female protagonist (Julianna) needs to marry a rich man to fulfill a promise she had made to her dying father. Save Cliff House a very old estate in Newport RI. She meets Jack when he masquerades as a gardener; a very sexy and sensual one! An affair starts but soon deeper feelings start to emerge.

Enter Jacks evil cousin, who happens to love torturing women and who also gains to inherit the shipping company of the Woodward's if he marries first. He is soon 'romancing' Julianna and things quickly escalate from there.

A well told story, with sympathetic and well written characters, that is sure to titillate, as well as tell give you a very good story. Ms Probst has a good feel for just how much sex to put into her erotica and how much story. She has found that balance that so many other writers can't seem to grasp.