The Gathering Storm

The Gathering Storm - Robin Bridges What an interesting concept I thought to myself, take the Russian Empire and mix into it a necromancer and then I read some of the reviews and realized that there are going to be Fae, Vampires and other great 'paranormal' creepie crawlies. Well I should have read MORE of the reviews, because I would have never have spent what I did for this book. I might have gotten it from the library and then not felt so horrible when I wanted to throw it at the wall after I read 30-50% of it. After 75% I wanted to get my head examined, but I made it this far...I had to keep going.

This was a tedious read made worse by the whiny, wimpy main character Katerina. I understand that this is a historical so I should not expect the types of heroines that one would read in a modern based novel. Yet, I kept wishing that this girl who would defy the times by wanting to become a doctor, defying the conventions to study for it even though she would need to leave the country to study, could not find it within herself to try and learn more about her necromancers gift. Then when
Vampires and Zombies etc. started coming out of the woodwork, I would have hoped that she would have done more than just stammer a few pointless questions to various people of questionable trustworthiness and then play right into the bad guys hands.

There are about a million (sorry I couldn't help myself from exaggerating here) characters, many of whom are redundant or unnecessary to the story. It is as if the author had a certain quota of names she needed to use up on a dare or a bet and use them indeed she did. Then again with Zombies and other blood and flesh eating creatures abounding, I guess you would need a cast of hundreds. Also, I think that there may be only about 5 or 6 real humans left in Russia at this time (or so it seemed), so our intrepid heroine must slog through various factions of 'others' to try and find some she can trust. Does she stumble upon humans to trust? Nah, this young girls trust radar is all messed up. Well after all even though she is smart enough to speak with doctors on their own terms she is only 16. Something it may serve you well to remember if you choose to read this book.

For the life of me I can't even see young adult or teens and 'tweens liking the fact that this was an extremely boring book.. .no matter that it is filled with Zombies and whatnot. There are so many other worthy tomes out there, go with one of those.
Granted, this is the set up novel for the last two books, but did the author really have to stuff so much into one book without any cohesion to it?