Bear Meets Girl

Bear Meets Girl - Shelly Laurenston I feel a bit like I have a bi-polar personality. I hate this book, but at the same time like a bloody car wreck, I can't seem to look away (stop reading). I read some Laurenston, but apparently not enough to understand that this was part of a larger series. (Amazon can't seem to confirm that but it IS the impression I get) and I am truly sorry I spent 8.99 on a Kindle version of a book that I will never read again.

This was one of the sloppiest written books I have read in a long time. The story lacks cohesion, very, very little plot (what plot there really is doesn't start until the book is 62% finished) the protagonists seem to be many since the main,secondary and tertiary characters are all treated the same way by the author. The sex is lukewarm at best, Crush is annoyingly naive and Marc ells is just a big witch with a B. While I adore strong and feisty female characters I don't need to read about a woman who hits before thinking, seems to hate everyone equally and plays ice hockey. That is not a strong female lead, that is an annoying mish-mash of I don't exactly know what.

The only saving grace is that Crush, while somewhat stupidly naive and annoyingly immovable, has some clever dialogue and isn't afraid to look like a wuss around some people.

If you have never read anything by this author---go to the library if you MUST read this book.