Lover Reborn

Lover Reborn - J.R. Ward I'M SORRY THIS IS MORE OF A RANT THAN A REVIEW----------I APOLOGIZE---------------->Borrow from Library

I agree with those that said this book left a bitter taste in my mouth. It not only did that but guaranteed that if there is another series with the BOB (Band of Bastards)I won't be buying it. I doubt if I'll even be getting it from the library . At this point, if they want fans they(the publisher) may as well offer the first book in Kindle form free or really, really cheap!

To force Tohr through these machinations was just cruel. To have No'One treated in this manner was cruel also...yes it worked out, but at what psychological debt? The author can do what she pleases and she has with this book. All the Brothers have found their HEA's none as exciting, well written or as dramatic as in the first 4 or 5 books, but hey, we kept reading and buying, so I guess we approved.

To possibly start a new series based on players that want the King dead and Glymera Vampires that are massive drug dealers/murders may be a stretch for fans. Add in what looks to be the set up for the next series with possibly Layla and the head of the BOB and it sure will bring a very dark, bleak side to the new books. With this series being no longer speculative romance, but dark urban fantasy; will the old fans that have invested so much time in this series be able to deal?

The one good thing I can say about this book is that at least it read LESS like a series of short stories and more like a book that was concentrating on a main character... unfortunately it ( Tohrs story) was ruined a bit by the side stories of Quinn and John Matthew, both who aren't really part of the Brotherhood.

This book took me well over 8 hours to read since it was so easy to put it aside and do my chores...CHORES??? Since when should a book I've been panting about for almost 7 years be so poorly written that I could put it aside? I have read, re-read and re-re-read the first 5 or so books; but from there I've been losing my fervor for this series and had really really high hopes for this one.

It was so long coming and so highly anticipated to be such a let down.