Cinder - Marissa Meyer I loved this book and the updating of the fairy tale Cinderella. This book for young adults only! This book will appeal to anyone who loves wonderful writing, vivid characters, the fight of good and evil and are a fans of cliff hangers. Cinder is told with a wonderful fresh voice, that uses the best of sci-fi and steam/cyber punk to freshen an old tale. Then to add something with a little more meat to it, Ms.Meyers adds political issues, mixes in the extreme differences in the class system, a little light love story the romance is not the main aspect of this book, it seems to be a minor part), horrid diseases, tyrants with mind control and perhaps magic.

I am not a HUGE fan of sci-fi, but I can get into it if it is a well told story - and this one is; and very much so. It had me riveted to my reading chair from early yesterday morning until late last evening. I could not put this book down!

New Beijing is just one of the places on earth that has changed in the last however many years...filled with a mixture of humans and cyborgs as well as androids, things just couldn't be any different or even any better that earth at this time in our lives. There is still prejudice, class warfare and hate. And nothing tells the story quite like Cinder, who is cyborg, her hateful 'guardian' and her guardians daughters.

A terrible disease is infecting many of the human population, cyborgs are being donated for a hefty fee to be experimented on and Cinders youngest sister has just come down with it. Since this somewhat follows Cinderella then we know that Cinder meets the Prince (soon to be Emperor) and of course has a chance to go to the yearly ball. Because there is a perfectly good synopsis already and I don't want to include spoilers in my review. I will just say that it has been many years since I have read Cinderella and I'm not sure that this book follows all the twists and turns from the original. But it doesn't matter if it did or didn't because this book was just fantastic. Ms Meyers drops surprises on us like a spring rain and I was delighted.

The narrative flows so well, the secondary characters are a delight and will at times be even more interesting than the main characters. There is an interesting bit of mystery although not one that is too difficult to figure out and I am rooting for the romance to hopefully take root blossom a bit with the next book.