crimson - Nikie Asher
“Crimson” by Ms.Nickie Asher is a brand new novel that seems to break all the ‘rules’!
It is an interesting and unique take on the darker side of the vampire genre. This is a briskly paced story and it has a multitude of interesting characters and a ton of nearly non-stop action. This book has no definitive roots in any of the prescribed sub-genres as it stands on its own and is incomparable. The characters are not especially lovable and they break the ‘rules’ that a lot of us have come to depend on, but Ms Asher certainly does it with a deft hand and a lot of élan and it certainly works for this novel.

If you are looking for something different, something that breaks all the rules, you will undoubtedly like this unparalleled dark urban fantasy/vampire romance/horror novel.