Crystal Gardens

Crystal Gardens - Jayne Ann Krentz, Amanda Quick 2.5 Stars

Crystal Gardens by Amanda Quick

If I had seen the words ‘extraordinary’ or psychical’ one more time I may have plucked out my own eyeballs. Nevertheless, I suppose that complaint is unimportant, as the rest of the story did not live up to Ms Quick’s usual efforts.
With several different story lines the author could investigate and take further, this book still fell flat for me. The romance (as thin as that is) progressed too quickly, the sex seemed contrived, and more elaborate than usual. The three story lines just came together too easily with all the ‘bad guys’ taken care of with no harm done to anyone.

The story in a nutshell->Evangeline is trying to escape a horrific encounter in the city AND continue with the writing for a newspaper of her serialized novel. Soon, very soon, she is accosted in her lovely little cottage and take refuge into the suspect garden (The Crystal Gardens) of her landlord Mr Lucas Sebastian. Lucas swiftly comes to her rescue and her attacker is well and truly taken care of--- and disposed of by the garden in question.

Naturally, they both have ‘hidden’ talent of the ‘psychical’ kind. Eventually they do consummate their relationship, find who, what and why Evangeline is being sought by unsavory characters. And they live happily ever after.

I must say that the fact that Evangeline’s talent growing when they are needed the most to help out in a bad situation or to heal someone was a little suspect.

This was merely an adequate display of Ms Quicks’ talents. I don’t understand it since she is usually an author that can grab me and pull me into a story no matter what it is about and keep me enthralled for hours. Not this time.