Playing Dead

Playing Dead - Julia Heaberlin Playing Dead-A Novel of Suspense by Julia Heaberlin

Whew! What a book. Classifying this novel as a “novel of suspense” is putting it quite mildly. This is mystery, suspense. Tiny bit romance and so much more. It was written in such a way that it is guaranteed to keep you reading well past bedtime. This book way beyond engaging and I haven’t found too many authors who write outside of my favorite genres, that I can say this about.

This was written in the first person point of view, so it really left us not knowing what was in the others mind, and that was very clever on the authors part. Anything different and it would not have been such a captivating read. Extremely well crafted, well-fleshed and complicated characters lend credence to the complicated plot line. The narration was impeccable and the dialogue was very believable. Using Texas as the background for this story was an interesting choice and really worked to the books advantage.

Tommie McCloud has gotten a letter , one that would make lesser women crazy. What if your parent weren’t whom you thought they were? What if someone puts it into your head that you may have been kidnapped and raised by people not of your blood? Now what do you do when you start doing research and you find out that your father may have been mobster with ties to the murder of an entire family plus the FBI agent who was protecting them?

This is just some of the stuff that Tommie has to work with as she tries to find out what have been lies fed to her all her life and what is the truth. Whom can she now trust? With men trying to kidnap her, kill her, a ‘reporter’ trying to worm his way into using her to get information, life has taken on a whole new meaning for Tommie.

This was really an excellent read and one that I think readers of mystery and suspense are going to love. This is no ‘cozy’; it is a rollicking roller-coaster ride that you may not want to get off, and you may not want to see it end.