Grave Dance

Grave Dance - Kalayna Price Grave Dance: An Alex Craft Novel – Kalayna Price

This is the second installment in the Alex Craft series and I’m on the fence with it. The world building is interesting, but the character growth for our protagonist is pretty much nil. Alex is a frustrating character in that she never seems to ask questions before she does something fairly stupid in almost every chapter.

Death is making more of an appearance in this second book that he did in the first novel, but we still have no clear picture of why he is there other than he is reaping souls and trying to hit on Alex. Which in itself is an annoying plot line since we the readers have a really good idea that these two can never get together Actually, by the end of the book the author pretty much screams it that they CAN”T get together. We can surmise, but it looks like the author is going to drag it out until we the readers have so much vested in Death as a romantic figure, that we will weep copious tears when and if Alex fall in love with him and finds no HEA with him. As for Falin…well that certainly looks like it won’t be an easy row to hoe, now that two of the Fae courts have her in their sights.

If the author isn’t careful, Alex is going to become a Mary Sue character and all of the intricate world building will come to naught. I urge the author not to fall into the trap that another very well known author has fallen into --- don’t find Alex a new power every time she gets into a difficult situation. Do not make it extra easy for her to be healed, and be careful of how many worlds we are going to be reading about.

Oh and maybe, it might be more professional and a lot more fighter worthy to not have her dressed in halter-tops all the time! LOL!