Game of Cages

Game of Cages - Harry Connolly This is the follow up to Child of Fire: A Twenty Palaces Novel and as Harry Connoly says in the first line his acknowledgments (in part) --- "This was not an easy book to write" . Well, this was not an easy book to read. More horror than anything else; this fast paced, bloody novel was off and running from the very start. To add to the horror of this book, it takes place at Christmas time. I actually sighed with near relief when I was done.

There is so much death and dismemberment in almost each chapter that you never really have time to drag in a full breath before the next murder or mass murder happens. Blood, guts, death by magic, and a philosophical edge all lend to this book in which Ray is helping an investigator (Catherine) investigate an auction where a predator is supposedly being auctioned off. Naturally the predator escapes and all Hell breaks loose.

And if you expect to see Annalise throughout the whole book you will be in for a disappointment. Ray actually saves the whole day almost by himself.

Ray has really grown as a character and although I'm loathe to jump right into the next novel, I have to find out what happened to him and Annalise. The next uo is Circle of Enemies: A Twenty Palaces Novel and I really need to read the prequel Twenty Palaces, A Prequel